As with any trade, conducting a solar site assessment is an essential part of the Solar electricity site analysis process. This will develop from an estimate to a detailed and final quote. Installers can sometimes make conservative assumptions of site specific parameters such as cable runs, installation hours, structural integrity, etc, and may end up over-pricing, or performing poorly in general.  at TSS, we take everything into consideration to provide accurate and fair pricing with an efficient system tailored to your needs.

A Solar power system is not simply putting panels and connecting to the Balance of System (BOS), but requires a firm design and installation plan, as well as an expectation of how your system is going to function, both technologically and economically, in the short and long term. A solar site assessment is critical for a proper solar power system design and to produce an expectation for its future performance.

Site assessment will also look at (1) suitability; site, PV installation. (2) Installation prerequisites; system type – grid-tied, grid-tied w/battery backup, off-grid, electrical codes, Electric service provider. (3) Analysis of utility service provider requirements; PV, disconnects, inverter etc. (4) Electric bill review; Electric efficiency review, percentage of electricity provided by PV, offset.

It’s important that the installation company appreciates why it is you are going solar. What are your expectations, what do you want to get out of the investment?

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