How safe are you?   TSS knows that Health & Safety are important for businesses to help protect employees, customers, and buildings.  While local standards do not currently legally require homes or businesses to have fire detection and fire alarm devices, TSS recommends that business and homeowners be proactive and invest in Fire protection systems.  From Restaurants to offices and with the increase of block apartment living, safety is an important consideration.   This includes fire alarms, sprinklers,  fire detection, and fire suppression systems.  TSS offers a selection of automatic fire detection, alarm and fire suppression systems.

These systems range from simple, single-station smoke alarms for private homes, to more sophisticated fire detection and control systems for commercial buildings. If you already have your home or office, or you are planning to build, call us or send us an email.

Safety First – for you, your family and employees, is a motto endorsed by TSS.

Think of fire before it starts

  • Install Fire Alarms and Smoke Detectors.
  • Have the Right Fire Safety Equipment.
  • Lean What to Do if There is a Fire.
  • Creat an Effective Fire Evacuation Plan
  • Have an Outside Rally Point.