From the small sound attenuated generators for residential use to larger commercial models, TSS generators deliver dependable power for industrial, residential and entertainment event purposes.


We live in a tropical zone and are prone to hurricanes and to other extreme weather which can affect our power source.  A generator is a useful piece of equipment, especially for your business, whether it’s hurricane season or not. Need power for outside entertainment events? Call or email TSS and we will provide you with the right generator for your needs with maintenance support to keep your downtime low or non-existent.

DC Power Plant

DC Power Plant is an important emergency backup power supply system. This is especially crucial to businesses who need to be operational 24/7 and for constant telecommunications.

The DC power plant system fills in the vital gap between the break of a power outage and the start up of your stand-by generator system.  With a TSS DC Power plant system, you are never off-line.

TSS is second to none with our experience in this area. Our knowledge, expertise and our ability to identify your specific needs, allows us to provide you with the right DC power plant equipment at the right price.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your generator or DC power plant systems.